Phone Introducing: Motorola v220

The Bottom Line

Should satisfy both demanding users and bargain seekers. Power users should look for the v400 or v600.
  • Small and very lightweight at 3.70 ounces
  • Excellent battery life
  • Excellent set of features and personalization
  • Ringer speaker may be low at times


  • Technology support: GSM/GPRS
  • Clamshell design
  • STN color display

Guide Review - Motorola v220 Review

The Motorola v220 is an entry-level version of popular Motorola phones such as the v300, v400 or v600. It offers basically the same features, but in a smaller, simpler form factor. For example, the color display is just a STN, not a TFT. However, this gets the job done and, appart from some rare caveats, the Motorola v220 has it all. Free do-it-yourself ringtones and graphics, video playback, a VGA built-in camera and a speakerphone. Battery life is excellent! The speakerphone is loud-enough but the speaker for the ringtones can sometimes be very low if it's in your pocket or against something. I missed a couple of calls because of that. In a few words: a nice little fun that has a lot to offer at a relatively low price.

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