Download N-Gage Game: System Rush: Evolution

Flowing from the massive repercussions from the "Kenjou" system hack in the original System Rush, the player is now in an authoritarian planet-wide "lock down".

The player resorts to a new form of experimental technology to shatter the 10 newly installed network "firewalls" and prove to the corrupt governments that the flow of information will never be halted.

The user is 'hardwired' into the system, effectively becoming a part of the network. Although advantageous, it has one very serious downside; the user cannot remove themselves from the network if a hack goes awry.

  • Infiltrate 10 dangerous virtual sub-networks
  • Interactive game-play modes (Infiltrate, Shutdown & Evacuate)
  • Customizable player Co-Vec (Code Vehicle) that evolves according to your gameplay style
  • Two player head-to-head action on the N-Gage Arena

Genre: Action Arcade
Players: 1-2
Developer: Ideaworks3D
Publisher: Nokia

File Download: System Rush: Evolution (13.2 MB)
Please read Downloading the Pre-Release Version of the N-Gage Application before you download.

System Rush: Evolution Video
source: n-gage .com

source: n-gage .com

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