Download N-Gage Game: Space Impact Kappa Base

Customize your fighter with weapons and components, and then fight across ten sprawling, action-packed levels in this arcade shooter. Battle more than thirty different enemies, including explosive ballistic cannons and deadly energy leeches. Dodge enemy projectiles to increase your power meter, or unleash devastating combo attacks.

Once you've finished the single player campaign, connect online through the N-Gage Arena and fight it out in World Battle Mode for the ultimate glory.

  • Create your own Skyblade and customize its weapons, engines and generators for an arsenal of over 400 different combinations
  • Fight your way through 10 challenging missions featuring a variety of environments and 3D interactive elements
  • Maximize your ship's power as you dodge enemy fire via Space Impact Kappa Base's unique "Kinetic Energy System"
  • Log onto the World Battle server and compete globally

Genre: Arcade shooter
Players: 1
Developer: Method Solutions
Publisher: Nokia
File Download : Space Impact: Kappa Base (11.7 MB)
Please read Downloading the Pre-Release Version of the N-Gage Application before you download.

Space Impact Kappa Base Video

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