Nokia 6300 Review

We all have different standards and requirements to determine with cell phone that suitable for us. Some of us prefer to prioritize the technology and features offered, some prioritize the stylish designs, and some prioritize the deals offered, especially those with limited budget. If you are a part of the last group and looking for a good Nokia cell phone that will be enough to complete your needs from various aspects, take a look at the Nokia 6300. This cell phone is not really glamorous and stylish on the design. But just like what Nokia said for this cell phone, it is simply beautiful.

This cell phone is a neat and comfortably small phone. Eve though the shape the rectangle shape is not up-to-date enough, the corners and edges is still smoothly curved and shiny because of the stainless steel cover. You can choose it if you put the usability accompanied by looks as your priority in choosing a cell phone. The keypad is the standard easy and reliable use Nokia layout. Even though it has simple appearance, this cell phone has all the basic features expected for a new mid level mobile phone handset. You can enjoy the 2 mega pixel camera, good music features with Fm radio and MP3 player, and a good web browsing experience. Of curse you still can find the standard features of mid level cell phone. It might be not a fashion award winning cell phone, but still reasonably priced with good features.

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